Kid Midas and the busking duo

Friday night and the neighbourhood is busy. There are flash lights and car horns; all around. Siren voices and ugly songs come out from pink neon pubs. Entropic Noise. But wait; there’s something in that blend that taps my back and says… Funky Rhythm.

Where is that sound coming from? It’s flooding King Street with an original aroma. I follow it on my tip toes and find two busking blokes outside the station. Electric sex among guitar and bass. The converter connects a car battery to an amp. The musicians look inwards and move their heads up and down; acknowledging the sound. They slide their fingertips over the strings with silver-coin success. My ears twist and roll. They are firing up the place.

A bunch of kids swarm out of nowhere dressed in shorts and caps and long shirts. They bounce around and gesticulate quickly. Bloody confident eyes yell epic speeches. Their mouths shake and shake franticly.

One of them steps out of the bundle and stands just in front of the buskers. His lower jaw quivers sideways. He pulls out his wallet and fiddles in the tight coin pocket struggling to keep his balance. The kid slowly grabs one dollar and tosses it in the open guitar case. He chins up his inebriated head and meticulously stares at both buskers. The musicians move their heads up and down; acknowledging the sound and the dollar gratitude is indiscernibly lost.

So the kid looks again in his wallet and pulls out another dollar coin. He tosses it in the case and raises his gaze. Both musicians keep moving their heads up and down; acknowledging the sound and their gratitude is lost.

So again, the kid dumps his fingers in the tight pocket and slowly pulls out another dollar. He prominently thumb-flicks it into the guitar case and stares proudly at the musicians that keep moving their heads up and down; acknowledging the sound.

And again and again ten times until a police car breaks in and the frantic-jaw swarm disappears. I hide my longneck behind my back. The buskers keep playing and two cops step out of the car. They stand in front of the musicians and toss a dollar coin in the case…